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Skimboard "The Cult", First Love (w/free tee!) - Bick Skimboards

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THE CULT is the next level in skimboards. Nothing was overlooked in the design of this board.

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Normale prijs: € 155,00

Aanbiedingsprijs: € 120,00


Skimboard "The Cult", First Love - Bick Skimboards

THE CULT is the next level in skimboards. Nothing was overlooked in the design of this board. The board is totally symmetrical (twin tip) so you can ride it either way. The shape is unique, the cut-in ends are the perfect size for for throwing trick frontside or backside without having to adjust the position of your foot. The flat nose and tail give you amazing pop! the Wider middle helps the board spin quick and even.

The cork top traction pad is also something THE CULT is introducing to the skimboarding world. Cork is lighter than foam, it, has amazing grip that lets you feel closer to the board and more in control, and it a renewable recourse for all of you who love planet earth!

The First Love layup is great for everyone from beginners to advanced skimmers. The First Love is a board made of high quality hard baltic birch, a powder white HPL bottom, a party speckles HPL top, and THE CULT board shape.

Each Bick Skimboard is fully hand made, therefore there may be some small inperfections e.g. in the cut of the cork pad. But hay, you're buying it to ride and for this it's just perfect!

With each board you'll receive a free, hand printed Bick Skimboards tee (one size). Oh, yes - this will be the Best Summer Ever!

Boards available in sizes Small or Medium.


Dimensions: 96.5 x 45.7 cm (38 x 18 inches)
Reider's weight limit: 50 kg

Dimensions: 101.6 x 48.2 cm (40 x 19 inches)
Reider's weight limit: 80 kg