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Skimboard "Raza Pro" 2016 - DB Skimboards

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2016 Raza Pro - new skimboarding era!

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Skimboard "Raza Pro" 2016 - DB Skimboards

Raza Pro is the first signature skimboard of DB Skimboards and Skim Guru teams rider Ardien Raza. This is the second edition of this skimbaord, but this year it opens up a completely new era in the flatland skimbords technology and construction.

The 2016 Raza Pro features a new shape and new construction. This board is built for performance, stability, going big and getting tech! This shape is wide and short. The semi-circular shape creates stability with a long wide riding platform, while it cheats its length with double cutaways and a pointed tip. This board is perfect for anyone who needs a board that spins fast and offers a lot of forgiveness for stomping the most technical tricks.

DB Skimboards Raza Pro all new construction features a technical composite layup that's been in development since 2010. The core is built from vertically laminated bamboo, CNC machined to create a structural skeleton for the board. Parts of bamboo are replaced with a lightweight, high-density foam and cap the edge with a durable urethane sidewall. The base of this board is HPL for its durability while we cut weight with a HD plastic top sheet. Triaxial fiberglass and epoxy resin are implemented to create an incredibly stiff and responsive flex that stands the test of time. To cap things off this board features a full SUPER CUSH EVA foam top for wax free traction and extra cushioning.

Be the first one to step into the new skimboarding era and get Raza Pro on-line at Skim Guru web-shop!


Size Medium
Dimansions: 101 x 51.5 cm (39.75 x 20.25 inches)