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DB Skimboards

DB Skimboards Logo

DB (Dashboard) Skimboards history backdates to 2003, when four high school kids who loved skimboarding started making skimboards for themselves and their friends in their parents’ garage. They did put all their skimboarding passion and experience into it and soon their handcrafted maple and bamboo skimboards became famous across the US flatland skimboarding community.

Over a decade since then, DB Skimboards grew to be the biggest and most prestigious flatland skimboarding brand on the market.

All DB Skimboards are manufactured in DB Skimboards headquarter location just south of Seattle – Fife, WA, USA.

In addition to manufacturing skimboards, DB Skimboards plays the leading role in promoting flatland skimboarding across the world by sponsoring talented riders and showcasing the growing sport through events, contests and videos.

DB Skimboards Construction

DB skimboards are constructed with a stiff plies of hard rock maple core and laminated using a completely water tight bonding agent, and encase the core with HPL top sheet and base. HPL is the best sliding surface we've found. It slides great over sand, PVC rails and boxes, logs, shells, cement, and just about anything you can think of! The top of the board has our signature CNC machines EVA diamond foam. This is the perfect surface for your feet. EVA foam provides great traction and cushioning and is tough enough to survive the wear and tear from long sessions, UV, and saltwater.

A definitive advantage of a DB skimboard is DB’s trademark Micro Concave. DB employs a tiny side to side concave which creates a bowl effect over the surface of the skimboard. This concave allows the rider a catch free ride and added confidence in spins and shuvs.

It's taken years to find the perfect rocker profile for DB boards. We dialed in and perfected this profile to find the perfect mix of amplitude and curvature. Our rocker enables maximum pop without sacrificing speed over the water or making the skimboard difficult to throw.

The combination of Micro Concave + Continuous Rocker = 3D Rocker. The bowled deck creates the perfect platform for technical tricks, long rides, and easy sliding. Our boards are pressed using a proprietary technique that ensure long lasting shape accurate laminations. Ask around, our boards hold their rocker and concave almost indefinitely!

DB Skimboards Shapes

DB Skimboards come in 5 different shapes:

Streamline: Narrow middle section makes for a maneuverable skimboard that turns well. The large nose and tail combined with the gently curving rails allows this shape to ollie well and spin flat. Best for bank slides, ollies, speed runs, small waves.

Thomas: This shape falls between the streamline and the proto. A wide middle section and side cuts offer increased stability and straight tracking. The wide noes and tail borrow from the streamline to provide extra pop for ollies and more control in blunt slides.

Proto: The proto’s side cuts, wide waist, and narrow nose and tail provide the perfect middle ground between maneuverability and stability. A team favorite for everything from technical tricks to long rides and bank slides.

Raza: Adapted from the Sacramento shape to offer slightly more maneuverability and lighter swing weight at the nose and tail. This board is tuned for the most technical tricks and maximum pop.

Sacramento: The extra wide waist and profile of this skimboard are designed to increase speed over the water, pop, and control. Double side cuts help straight tracking and effortless pop. This shape is ideal for technical flatland tricks and jibs.

DB Skimboards Flexibility and Size

The flexibility (“layup”) that give a board its structure combined with the shape profile of a skimboard determine the amount of flexibility in the deck. Boards with more flex are generally lighter in weight and easier to trim, but can be more difficult to ride and less responsive / stable for technical tricks.

Flexy: Most flexible and lightest weight layup (Flex Series Boards)
Stiff: Mid flex and mid weight (Standard Series Boards)
Rigid: Very Stiff and heavy (Used on the Thomas Pro)

Size - Each shape DB Skimboards offers come in multiple variations of length and width. Larger boards offer more skimmable surface area but also increase the weight of the board. Smaller boards are light and easier to pop but can be difficult to control. Make sure to match your weight to recommendation on the size. If you are highly experienced you may want to experiment with smaller boards that allow for more technical maneuvers.

DB Skimboards On-Line at Skim Guru Skimboarding Web-shop

Skim Guru is DB Skimboards premium European retailer and authorized wholesale distributor for the Netherlands. We offer the most complete and up to date on-line selection of DB Skimboards products in Europe. All DB Skimboards products in Skim Guru skimboarding web-shop are warehoused in the Netherlands and therefore anything you order is delivered to your door step within a few days.

You can also order your custom skimboards through Skim Guru. Just send us an e-mail at and we’ll guide you through the process.

Check out our DB Skimboards offer and do not hesitate to contact us with any questions you may have.

DB Skimboards and Skim Guru – together – Dedicated to Skimboarding!